Mia snoozing after MRITuesday we took Mia in for an MRI focused on her brain and a visit with her Neurosurgeon.

We were looking for three things. One, have the plates in her head fussed prematurely. Two, is the shunt placed and working properly. Three, how is her brain developing.

The results were bittersweet.

On the positive side the shunt is working well and the Dr. isn't too concerned right now about the plates in her head overlapping and prematurely fusing together, which means no surgery at this point. On the flip side it was a reminder to us that even though she is doing so well, there are a couple specific internal parts of her brain that simply don't exist and that the back half is still connected when it shouldn't be. The findings are still consistent with Semi-Lobar Holoprosencephaly.

Scan or no scan the doctors have consistently told us that the best way to tell how she’ll do when she’s older is whether or not she hits her developmental milestones. And so far so good! She is now 8 months old. She is very attentive, sleeps well, eats well (baby cereals and food), rolls over, sits up on her own, picks up toys and moves them from hand to hand and is just as good and happy as they come.